The Problem

Every year, 150,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy. 75% of epilepsy patients with uncontrolled seizures are not seen by an epilepsy specialist. While most patients are treated with anti-epileptic drugs, 99.1% of drug-resistant patients go untreated.

This reality drove our co-founders to form the American Epilepsy Institute.

The Answer

American Epilepsy Institute exists to combat the quality of care gap that epilepsy patients face every day.

We are opening the world’s first hospital focused solely on pediatric epilepsy care.

Our Value to You

Patient & Family Centric

There is much that goes into caring for a patient. We believe everything we do, from hiring our staff, to our facilities and processes must be attended to with the patient and their family in mind.

Outcome Driven

The current average treatment timeline from diagnosis of epilepsy to treatment is 4.4 years. We want to dramatically shorten this timeline in order to allow our patients to live their best possible life.


Healthcare today is incredibly confusing for the patient. At AEI, we pledge to be fully transparent with the patient and/or their caregiver from the moment they walk through our doors.

Continuous Improvement

Many people talk about “innovation” but we strive to keep it top of mind in everything we do. We will ensure that the patient is getting the most efficient and highest-level care possible so that their time and money is not wasted.

Patient Education & Empowerment

Part of being patient-centric is empowering our patients. We will do this by providing all the resources and literature necessary so that a patient can be their own strongest advocate.

Do you have epilepsy, or provide care for someone who does?

We want to hear from people like you.

Meet Our Team


Jim Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

A pragmatic, results-oriented senior executive with a passion for social impact and innovation. Read more.

lee mark

Dr. Mark Lee

Chief Clinical Officer

Internationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeon with over 20 years of experience. Read more.

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Neal Wendt

Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare entrepreneur, Consultant, and Fellow of the Lean Healthcare Institute.
Read more.